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Harrison Johnson- 2022


Welcome to Harrison Johnson's 2022 Industrial Design project. Harry is a third-year industrial design student. He is doing a project for the capstone unit. The project is about a wellbeing space for kids with ADHD in early junior school. Harry’s sister is a preparatory school teacher and he has been told stories about the distractions in the classroom. This made him decide to make a calming and relaxing environment for the kids as an escape from classroom.

From Harrison

"I’ve decided to do this built environment for children with ADHD, I’m very attached to the project because my sister works with children as a prep teacher, and she tells me these stories of how hard it is for these kids to focus among other things. It will be a calming place... ”

He hopes the space can have a knock-on effect and reduce distractions in learning. During the project, Harry found it funny when the kids experienced his prototype setup and broke it, stating "its interesting because I want them to break it, it allows me to make it better". Harry said the most difficult part is the scale as it is a space for kids to go in. Harry is happy to see the kids enjoying themselves and is passionate about his field of work. He sees himself doing similar work in the future.

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