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Elliot Carter- 2022

Updated: Oct 30, 2022


Welcome to Elliot Carter's 2022 Industrial Design project. With keen focus on the environment and the negative effects of plastic/waste, Elliot has designed a collapsible keep-cup which doubles as a water bottle. This is his first solo-project in some time, and we hope you enjoy the interview below.

From Elliot

"I found a big issue with single-use paper cups in Australia, especially when compared with re-usable cups. The effect it can have on the environment, I decided to come up with a keep-cup design that people would want to use... ”

Collapsible and eco-friendly, Elliot’s keep-cup/water bottle design is going to be a slim and user friendly hold. The idea is to defeat the attitude that some people have with neglecting to use their re-usable cups and bottles. Elliot believes this mentality stems from the inconvenience of cleaning or never having it on hand when it is needed most. Elliot has found the highlights of this project to be his ability to trust in the journey, a rewarding experience as he refines and adjusts his design process. Looking to the future Elliot is interested in the removal of waste through the design of sustainable and re-usable products.

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You can follow Elliot on his Instagram page: @elliotcarterdesign

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