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Cait Hopper- 2022


Welcome to Cait Hopper's 2022 Interaction Design project. Cait is creating a speculative design piece, addressing the future of food production in the year 2080. Through a series of interviews with people throughout the food supply chain, growers, agronomists, all the way through to consumers. Cait has implemented AI to co-design 'the foods of the future'. In our interview with Cait, we find out the various challenges and triumphs of her project. Along with how she plans to turn the exhibition into an engaging and perhaps confronting experience, touching on topics such as land scarcity, and climate change.


"It stems from this big challenge we are facing of ~ how do we feed more people with less land, less water, and less inputs in a changing climate?... ”

Cait hopes to not only appeal to children, but also to tap into that playful nature in adults, engaging them into the narrative and the themes of what is really happening. It will be thought provoking, and will hammer home that we do have the power to shape what goes into our food systems.

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Keep up to date with Cait and this project's progression over on: You can also find Cait on Instagram:

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