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Welcome to our little slice of glimpse, meet our team…

For those of you who are graduate students you will have probably met some of us already during our interviews, but here are the others working behind-behind the scenes. 

01 what do we do?

With the goal of showcasing your stories, the Glimpse team is on a mission to bring you a sneak peak into the QUT Design Festival this year! Keep an eye out for our student Highlights and Interviews.

02 the team


Hi, my name is  Michelle Hung and I’m part of the Glimpse Project this year.

I am now studying  a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), majoring in film, screen and new media.

Since I started to watch different kinds of film and drama, I’ve had a strong interest in film production. When I was in high school, I participated in my first micro-film production as editor. The experience grew my passion for filmmaking, so I began to shoot and edit some life clips into a short film. And I believed that the excellent filming and editing can give the audience a deeper sense of what the film is about.


Hi, my name is  Nathan Chan and I’m part of the Glimpse team this year.

I’m currently doing my final year of my BFA in Drama, as well as minoring in film.


My interest in design is how it provides character given how different people tackle
a project. You’re able to understand how a person thinks and feels, as well as their aesthetic preferences through their work.
I would like to shine a spotlight on these individuals within the school of design, letting their personalities and passion shine through in their work.


Hi, my name is  Timothy Yung and I’m part of the Glimpse Project this year.

I am a third year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music) student. I play the piano and violin, write and produce music.



My favourite art form is music because it delivers emotions effectively and does not need to contain words. I am also passionate about other art forms and have worked with creative people of other disciplines in my projects.


Hi, my name is 
Ryan Ward 
I’m a member of this year's Glimpse Project.

 I’m a QUT student in my final year, studying a double bachelor of Creative Industries and Business, majoring in marketing and interactive design.


What do you like about Design? My passion for Design comes from storytelling, when I was much younger I began to self-teach myself different design software to illustrate my short stories and ideas, this grew into a passion for the narrative that comes through design. Especially when that narrative is interactive.

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