Welcome to industrial design honours. The degree has given the students the skills needed to create with design and manufacturing in mind to bring you functional products. Have a look at the sample of students we have from this unit and see how they go about their design process.


Brad is a passionate person in his final year of QUT and for his design project he has partnered with iOrthotics to create a device that helps people with Parkinson’s disease. Watch the video to see where the spark to design this project came from.

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Mathieu likes to think technically and practically to create a wobble board for rehabilitation patients. You can catch a glimpse here and see the work that goes into the design project.

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Ellie is creative persona who has a love for science and research. Her project is an underwater camera to help collect data for reef health and will be sure to inspire. Watch the video to see a glimpse of her design journey and how she created this project.

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