Welcome to Fashion Honours at QUT. The students below are nearing the end of their study journey. Over the past four years the students have learnt all about the world of fashion, and they have been provided with the opportunity to experiment and refine their individual styles.  Down below you can catch a glimpse of what some of the students are creating for the end of year design festival.  


Victoria Parrott is a final year fashion student. TESTAMENT is a collection which is inspired by the relationship our clothes have with our sense of self and the way we express our humble humanity to the world.

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Ulf Francis is a final year fashion student. Unshaken is an affectionate exploration of performative masculine roles represented in movies and video games. It is a response to Ulf's own experience and perspective as a trans-masculine person, subverting preconceived ideas of manhood.


Isabelle Nisbet is a final year fashion student. Alter Ego is a concept collection creating a foundation for what is to come. It explores the change required within us when reflecting on a possibility for change in the exterior world. Meet, understand and integrate your alter ego.

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